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Will Brierre is a mixer/ producer / engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. His music career traces back to high school when he bought a Tascam cassette 4-track to record guitar demos.

Taking instantly to the record-making process, he pursued that interest in college at James Madison University in Virginia.

After graduating with a major in Media Arts & Design and a minor in Music Industry, Will moved to Charlottesville, Virginia where he managed sound at Outback Lodge, a local rock club and started recording demos for local bands.

Looking to branch out into a bigger industry will moved from Charlottesville to Tempe, Arizona and attended the Conservatory For Recording Arts & Sciences before permanently relocating to Los Angeles.

Early on, Will had the privilege to connect with veteran mix engineer and producer, Mark Needham. As Needham’s 2nd engineer for over 10 years, Will worked with numerous artists from The Killers to Chris Isaak to Fleetwood Mac etc.

He has also worked with top session musicians like Chris Chaney (Alanis Morisette, Jane’s Addiction), Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh, Keith Richards), and Abe Laboriel Jr. (Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton), as well as with respected producers Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance) and Don Was (Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson)

As a life long musician with nearly two decades of industry experience, Will has developed a strong understanding of arrangement, song writing, and dynamics, as well as how to meld the best aspects of the analog and digital worlds for the mixing and recording environments.

Will doesn’t discriminate when it comes to musical genres, whether he’s in the studio or listening for personal enjoyment. His philosophy is simple: if the song is good, then he’s having fun, genre aside.

As a mix engineer, Will seeks to complement the vision of the artist and take their sound to a level that is competitive with current record industry standards. Will worked with numerous artists such as The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, and Chris Isaak.

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MI0004020828The Rocket SummerZoeticAviateMixing2016
fasdasddasasdIrationHotting UpThree Prong Records / UniversalEngineer2015
81ia1-rue2L._SL1500_IAMDYNAMITEWasa TusaBrando / Brando RecordsMixing2015
FIVE_KNIVES_SAVAGES_COVERFive KnivesSavagesRed Bull RecordsEngineer2015
91k51cL0egL._SL1500_Sleeper AgentAbout Last NightMom + Pop Music / RCAMixing Assistant2014
BlueSmokeDolly PartonBlue SmokeDolly Records / Masterworks / Sony MasterworksAssistant2014
Jamesdurbin-celebrateJames DurbinCelebrateWind-UpMixing Assistant2014
91SCQp0ZXJL._SL1500_Whiskey MyersEarly Morning ShakesWiggy ThumpMixing Assistant2014
A1yIo7lFJKL._SL1500_Tokyo Police ClubForcefieldMom + Pop Music / Dine AloneMixing Assistant2014
81Jc0OlJekL._SL1400_SeetherIsolate and MedicateBicycle Music CompanyMixing2014
American_Authors_-_Oh,_What_a_LifeAmerican AuthorsOh, What a LifeIslandMixing Assistant2014
MI0003535410New PoliticsA Bad Girl in HarlemRCAAssistant Engineer2013
6114EhMmwjL._SY300_American AuthorsAmerican AuthorsIslandMixing Assistant2013
Connect,_Sick_Puppies_Cover_ArtSick PuppiesConnectCapitolMixing Assistant, Engineer2013
462f0f_513d52111befdefb91cebb376a3d72f7Richie RamoneEntitledDC-JamMixing Assistant2013
Flagships_FlagshipsFlagshipFlagshipBright AntennaMixing2013
61RuWBtEQVLJohn Paul WhiteThe Long GoodbyeArkamAssistant Engineer2013
MBF21Michael Bernard FitzgeraldYesTrauma2Mixing Assistant2013
81poC7g2ouL._SL1426_VariousAnswers to NothingLakeshore RecordsMixing Assistant2012
Train_-_California_37TrainCalifornia 37ColumbiaMixing Assistant2012
fhr-coverThe StripminersFrail Hope RanchStandoffish / SyntheticorganicMixing Assistant2012
260x260bbAoedeIs Love a Fairy Tale?Aoede Muse MusicMixing Assistant2012
49261_the_stripminers_courtestoThe StripminersMoviesStandoffish Productions / SynthenticorganicMixing Assistant2012
Night_Visions_Album_CoverImagine DragonsNight VisionsInterscopeAssistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Mixing Engineer2012
Scars-on-45-Album-CoverScars on 45Scars on 45Atlantic / Chop ShopMixing Assistant2012
28405489AoedeSkeletons of the MuseAoede Muse MusicMixing Assistant2012
The-Royal-Concept-Royal-300x300The Royal ConceptThe RoyalLava / RepublicMixing Assistant, Mixing2012
The_Truth_About_LoveP!nkThe Truth About LoveRCAAssistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant2012
Walk_the_Moon_-_Walk_the_MoonWalk the MoonWalk the MoonRCAAssistant2012
large.0r1a12q3hxifYoungblood HawkeYoungblood HawkeRepublic / Universal / Universal RepublicMixing Assistant, Engineer2012
anotherlifeJosiah LemingAnother LifeMixing2011
MI0003213712VariousBeach ClubbingDefectedAssistant Engineer2011
1317331658_va-bargrooves-deepsouldisco-deluxe-2011VariousBargrooves: DeepSoulDisco DeluxeVanguard / Wicked GameMixing Assistant2011
91onesW8+DL._SL1500_Chris IsaakBeyond the SunVanguard / Wicked GameMixing, Assistant Engineer2011
These-Kids-Wear-Crowns-JumpstartThese Kids Wear CrownsJumpstartCapitol / EMIAssistant2011
91x4NVrdOFL._SL1500_VariousListen to Me: Buddy HollyVerve ForecastSecond Engineer2011
Panic_of_girlsBlondiePanic of GirlsFive Seven MusicAssistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant2011
51Oy0Ee0i9L._SY300_The SoundsSomething to Die ForArnioki Records / Side One DummyEngineer2011
Anna_Sun_cover_artWalk the MoonAnna SunRCAMixing Assistant2010
8d260741fd4a4e0798df3a1cddd02ffbBascom HillBascom HillArrival Records / Scion Music GroupAssistant2010
duetRonan KeatingDuetUniversal Distribution / Universal MusicAssistant2010
Neon_Trees_Habits_Album_CoverNeon TreesHabitsIsland / MercuryMixing Assistant2010
713FbYayLrL._SX355_Chris IsaakLive at the FillmoreMailboat RecordsMixing Assistant2010
Day_of_fire_losing_allDay of FireLosing AllRazor & TieMixing Assistant2010
Shakira_-_Sale_el_Sol_(album_cover)ShakiraSale el SolEpic / Jive / Sony Music LatinMixing Assistant2010
MI0003094314ScroteScroteBundiniMixing Assistant2010
Album-4975-340013-logoThese Kids Wear CrownsThese Kids Wear CrownsEMIAssistant2010
220px-BatcountryShort StackThis is Bat CountryAis / Sunday Morning RecordsMixing Assistant2010
Twenty_Ten_cover_finalGuy SebastianTwenty Ten: Greatest HitsSony Music DistributionMixing Assistant2010
61WaURg7igL._SY355_Theory of FlightWithin ReachBlue Beet / Bluebeet / F0FMixing Assistant2010
410O2LJgrOL._SS500_Faber DriveCan't Keep a Secret604 RecordsAssistant2009
MI0002784343Chris IsaakMr. LuckyReprise / Wicked GameEngineer, Audio Engineer2009
61VQPGY2iDLBetter Than EzraPlays Paper EmpireMegaforce / Better Than EzraAudio Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Assistant2009
Tri-Polar_album_cover_by_Sick_Puppies-1Sick PuppiesTri-PolarVirginMixing Assistant, Audio Engineer2009
Iglu--Hartly-And-Then-Boom-447477Iglu & HartlyAnd Then BoomMercuryAudio Engineer, Mixing2008
220px-Don't_Stop_-_Single_Cover_(Re-Release)InnerpartysystemDon't StopUniversal DistributionMixing Assistant2008
Avila-Give-Me-The-Music-CD-Cover111Eva AvilaGive Me the MusicSony BMGAudio Production2008
61WK5yL3crLThe Republic TigersKeep ColorAtlantic / Chop ShopMixing Assistant2008
MI0001699628The KillersKillers 3 CD BrickIslandAssistant Engineer, Audio Engineer2008
220px-Morning_TideThe Little OnesMorning TideAtlantic / Chop ShopMixing Assistant2008
51Jvsa9W7ELThe 88Not Only...But AlsoIsland / UniversalAudio Engineer, Mixing Assistant2008
51HkUxRNcGL._SL500_AA280_Dark HorseQueen ApathyNine 2 NeverMixing2008
90c78c5f4c9c414a88eea806167fc039Gran RondeSecret RoomsFriends vs. RecordsEngineer2008
the-heavy-circles-50edddf941aaaThe Heavy CirclesThe Heavy CirclesVirtual Label / Dynamite ChildEngineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Assistant Engineer2008
thrivemix-vol-5-various-artists-cd-cover-artVariousThrivemix, Vol. 5IDJ Records / Thrive DanceAssistant Engineer2008
51JxAPnLwAL._SY355_ismUrgencySTM EntertainmentMixing Assistant2008
220px-You're_Awful,_I_Love_YouLudoYou're Awful, I Love YouIslandAssistant Engineer2008
220px-600px-Faker_-_be_the_twilightFakerBe the TwilightCapitol / EMIMixing Assistant2007
GuySebastianCloserToTheSunAlbumCoverGuy SebastianCloser to the Sun/The Memphis AlbumSony Music DistributionAssistant Engineer2007
jaycliffordJay CliffordDriving Blind3 / 33 & 1/3Remix Assistant2007
610HStaqkpLThis Beautiful RepublicEven Heroes Need a ParachuteForefront Records / EMIMixing Assistant2007
61sfBf6YOcL._SX355_EverlifeEverlifeBuena Vista / Walt DisneyAssistant Engineer2007
forrest_day_full_length_album-1Forrest DayForrest DayForrest Day's Playground / Rocket ScienceAssistant2007
Home_At_Last_-_Billy_Ray_CyrusBilly Ray CyrusHome at LastDisneyAssistant2007
MetrostationalbumMetro StationMetro StationColumbia/RedAssistant Engineer2007
61R6aLbnz1LForeign BornOn the Wing NowDim MakAssistant2007
61RrZlnz2hLThe KillersSawdustAmerican Recordings / IslandEngineer, Assistant Engineer2007
MI0002064901Thirsty MercSlideshowsMushroom Records / Warner MusicMixing Assistant2007
51rYAr12G2LScissors for LeftyUnderhanded RomanceRough Trade / Eenie MeenieEngineer, Audio Engineer2007
220px-BeautifulgirlszigguratsThe Beautiful GirlsZigguratsDie! Boredom RecordsMixing Assistant2007
MI0001762206We Are ScientistsCrap AttackEMI Music DistributionMixing Assistant2006
51MD8DAA5HLWax on RadioExpositionDowntown RecordsAssistant Engineer2006
NotacceptedanywhereThe AutomaticNot Accepted AnywhereUniversal DistributionMixing Assistant2006
MI0001633499Tall HandsTall HandsPulseMixing Assistant2006
Cobra_Starship_-_While_the_City_Sleeps,_We_Rule_the_StreetsCobra StarshipWhile the City Sleeps, We Rule the StreetsDecaydance/Fueled by RamenAssistant Engineer2006
With_Love_and_SqualorWe Are ScientistsWith Love and SqualorVirginMixing Assistant2006
Vaux-beyondVauxBeyond Virtue, Beyond VicevxMixing Assistant2005
51-w2xRD+BLPatti LaBelleClassic MomentsDef SoulAssistant Engineer2005
61Z41Z6GHPLForeign BornIn the Remote WoodsStar Time InternationalAssistant2005
Shannon_Noll_LiftShannon NollLiftSony BMGAssistant Engineer2005
5106KS3987LThe 88Over and OverEMK/MootronAssistant2005
Rick_Springfield_-_The_Day_After_YesterdayRick SpringfieldThe Day After YesterdayDKE RecordsAssistant Engineer2005
51WcpX+-HCL._SX355_Margot & the Nuclear So and So'sThe Dust of RetreatArtemis RecordsMixing Assistant2005
a2289884071_16Paul ChesneWet Dog ManMixing Assistant2005
Christmas_-_Chris_IsaakChris IsaakChris Isaak ChristmasWicked Game/RepriseEngineer2004
enhanced-944-1402094306-5The KillersHot FussHot Fuss Island / Universal Music Group Assistant Engineer2004
untitled-2MalbecMalbecMalbecMixing Assistant2004
Keaton-Simons-Blink-Cover11Keaton SimonsBlinkBeverly MartelMixing Assistant
bruce-kaphan-quartetBruce Kaphan QuartetBruce Kaphan QuartetWiggling Air RecordsAssistant Engineer
61YBCMmF38LCall the CopsCall the CopsInterscope / Myspace RecordsAssistant
R-2864540-1306402896.jpegSimon DunmoreDefected In the House: Ibiza'11Defected / In the HouseMixing Assistant
M:Kasemake StandardsCDDelgapack6pp6pp 2CD Delgapack 1 tubeLostaloneI'm a UFO In This CityThe EndAssistant
Amy_Meredith_-_lyingAmy MeredithLyingSony Music EntertainmentMixing Assistant
bhnovelsThe Burning HotelsNovelsMiss PressMixing Assistant
a2422582680_10Palenke SoultribeOroMixing Assistant
Phantom-Pop-2014Wild PartyPhantom PopOld FriendsMixing
short-stack-000001965525_7Short StackPlanetsSunday Morning Records / Universal ImportAssistant
1278094827_51rwlqat62l._ss500_Amy MeredithRestlessSony Music EntertainmentMixing Assistant
stoneparade-stratosphereStone ParadeStratosphereStone ParadeMixing
MI0003094973VariousStrictly Dance 2010, Vol. 2Sony Music DistributionMixing Assistant
2014-02-24-TurnThePeopleCDCoverMonks of MellonwahTurn the PeopleGatcombe MusicAssistant
1480978Dogs and Fishes / Michael WardWalk in the ParkMixing Assistant
61nnZkvv1NLTerraplane SunYa Never KnowTrauma2Mixing Assistant
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