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“Watching an artist grow as a musician and/or songwriter, capturing his or her body of work, documenting a piece of history. If I can influence that and the world can hear that artist through my ears, then I’ll feel like I’ve done something truly great in music. That’s what I strive for.” ­Jim Kaufman, Producer.

Innovative in his audio journalistic approach to production, Jim Kaufman’s mastery lies within the detail oriented creation of sonic story-lines. A renowned producer, composer, mastering engineer, and entrepreneur; Jim Kaufman maintains studios in both Los Angeles, California, and Sedona, Arizona, and also co­owns The Song Factory in Nashville Tennessee. The Song Factory proudly holds the #1 spot in Country radio with Eric Paslay’s hit single, “Friday Night.”

Jim Kaufman has obtained a multi­-instrumentalist background colored by experiences in almost every imaginable aspect of the music industry. From playing piano at the age of 5 to studying music theory at the New School for the Arts and Academics to composing film scores, to developing artists and producing hit songs, Kaufman has catapulted to the top of the industry. Kaufman’s songwriting and production credits run the gamut of musical genres. Current projects include work with Arizona eclectic rockers, The Black Moods, active country outfit, Lansdowne, singer/songwriter Clark Graham and rap phenom Hyro Da Hero. Extracting and enhancing the careers of the best and brightest out of a plethora of underwhelming acts takes not only time, but skilled precision in artist selection and development. “As a producer, my job is to create longevity for an artist, not just to produce a hit or a single record,” Kaufman says of his proven approach to cultivate artists and maximizing their recording potential. “The way I do that is to understand who they are at their core. It’s about showing them to their audience in their purest form.”

Alongside his steadfast team including manager Andrew Brightman and lawyer Eric German, producer Jim Kaufman manifests all talents to provide dedicated services in true interest of doing what’s right for the artist. For further insight into the Jim Kaufman experience visit his website (listed above).

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Jim Kaufman Selected Discography

13728922_1097566653670486_5568072997569795589_nNight RiotsNothing PersonalSumerian Records Producer, Engineer, Writer2016
1610950_1130879976928142_9121026301873858856_nVarsity WeekCentury MediaProducer, Engineer2016
coming-soon-frame14The Donner PartyForthcomingProducer, Engineer2016
coming-soon-frame14BFIForthcomingProducer, Engineer2016
20160213_202238Danny WorsnopThe Prozac SessionsIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2016
BOD_Are+You+Real-_Digital+(1)Beware of DarknessAre You Real?Bright Antenna Records Producer, Engineer2016
MI0003852216Anti-FlagAmerican SpringSpinefarm RecordsProducer, Engineer2015
coming-soon-frame14CarolinaForthcomingProducer, Engineer2015
coming-soon-frame14Dillon CampbellForthcomingProducer, Engineer2015
coming-soon-frame14Spiritual RezForthcomingProducer, Engineer2015
Art-Of-Shock-2Art of ShockDeathstar SupernovaIndependentProducer, Engineer2015
10620764_333218206866788_5336875261662989684_nSaturn CityIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2014
Hyro_Da_Hero_confirms_live_concert_date_at_The_Academy_2_in_Dublin_information_and_details_about_irish_tour_dates_tickets_music_scene_irelandHyro Da HeroIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2014
Screen-Shot-2014-01-29-at-9.30.39-AMZealeIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2014
Moods-cropsThe Black MoodsKillers In The Night EPIndependentProducer, Engineer2014
10653513_10153607435348906_1637567450171849769_nClark GrahamIndependentProducer, Engineer2014
10341600_10152344094977935_4610646030636846573_nLandsdowneIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2014
jimkaufmanJim KaufmanA Party of OneIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2013
govindas_and_radha2Govindas and RadhaLive at Bhakti Yoga Shala IndependentProducer, Engineer2013
10547714_658508027572293_2119516335865225301_nTelegraphTelegraphIndependentProducer, Engineer2013
9E-CONTROL-COVER-Lo-Res9ELECTRICFeel ThisIndependentRe-Mix2013
11150246_436134156542923_286707499955352667_nDead Money MassiveIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2013
black moods2The Black MoodsThe Black MoodsBlack Moods MasterpiecesProducer, Engineer2012
10881557_763902037032189_6841886972830875262_nRyan SimsIndependentProducer, Engineer2011
0000131147_10The Morning BirdsOH YEAHIndependentMixing2011
Awolnation-Sail-cover_smaller-300x300AWOLNATIONSailRed Bull RecordsRe-Mix2011
1191cb4958c3afaa7bd21949d4ab332aThe Black MoodsThis Is Lights Not SoundIndependentProducer, Engineer2011
165925_10150936346194380_1548991095_nThe New AffectElectro SoulAmerican Voodoo, EMI Producer, Engineer2011
300x300-1The Hypo TwinsIt’s ShowtimeAmerican Voodoo, EMIProducer, Engineer2010
hqdefaultPhantom CommuniqueThe Wolf And the Sheep American Voodoo, EMIProducer, Engineer2010
1016874_721421884601987_4033293595632766589_n (2)E.G. Daily The New CollectionIndependentProducer, Engineer, Writer2009
616perF8Z1L._SX355_Samuel MarkusThe Only OnesIndependentProducer, Engineer2008
160x160Emery"The Last Christmas" - Taste of ChristmasTooth and Nail Warcon UniversalProducer, Engineer2005
160x160Funeral For A Friend"This Christmas Eve" - Taste of ChristmasAtlantic Warcon UniversalProducer, Engineer2005
160x160Skindred"Jungle Bells" - Taste Of ChristmasLava Warcon UniversalProducer, Engineer2005
51CTQGVE2DLOpiate For The MassesThe SporeWARCON UnivesralProducer, Engineer, Writer, Mixer2005
funerm73291133121630-1Funeral For a FriendMonstersAtlanticRe-Mix2005
1191cb4958c3afaa7bd21949d4ab332aThe Black MoodsLaurel CanyonAmerican VoodooProducer, Engineer, Mixer2004
Helmet-SizeMattersHelmetSize MattersInterscope RecordsEngineer2004
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