Darrell Thorp

Darrell Thorpe: It’s All About The Vibe (And a Few Plug-Ins)

Grammy-winning producer, Darrell Thorp, geeks out with Sound Radix over gear, good vibes, and his creative process!

Multi-platinum record producer and engineer Darrell Thorp is a self-confessed gear geek with a formidable work ethic –  to which his seven Grammys and regular clientele including Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney and OutKast pay tribute. He declares himself a ‘terrible’ musician but works sheer musical magic in the studio, clearly passionate about the role of producer in creating the right working ambience and making optimum use of plug-ins in streamlining processes. He talks to us about his gear geekiness, harnessing true plug-in potential, and seizing the opportunities life throws at you.”

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