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The Inspiration Behind Brett Dennen’s ‘Por Favor’ with Dave Cobb

While writing and recording Por Favor, Brett Dennen learned “to be specific and true to yourself in the moment.” Dennen is figuring it out as he goes by exploring different directions including melody, concepts, and influences of different genres. “There were times when I felt my vocals didn’t sound confident, but (producer) Dave Cobb was great at getting the song done. Cobb is great at the art of working quickly and getting rid of the bullshit.”

“I love Brett,’ said Dave Cobb. “He’s a lineage of Paul Simon and I love Paul Simon. There is truth with his pen. He has the humor and wit and weight all in one fell swoop. He’s doing it for the right reasons and what you hear is him being him. The record has a world aspect to it and it embraces that – African and Jamaican rhythms that play up on his story and get to know his story as a human being. The album plays to his strengths. In his darkest songs, he still has a light. He sees and hears the good in humanity. Even the really slow stuff creates uplifting and danceable songs.”

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