Darrell Thorp

Future Elevators Release Debut Album (Mixed by Darrell Thorp)

Michael Shackleford has moved on from former band, The Grenadines, to his newest project, Future Elevators, and has released his debut album. The self titled album is mixed by Brightman Music client, Darrell Thorp, and was released February 19 on Jeffrey Cain’s Communicating Vessels. Although largely a solo effort, it took a team to create the finished project.

“After completing the tracks with Bridges, Shackleford turned them over to Darrell Thorp, an L.A. producer behind Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief and Beck’s Morning Phase, for mixing. Thorp would turnaround mixes in as little as four hours. “I’d say nine out of the ten songs that he sent back were perfect the first time that he sent them back,” said Shackleford, “which was a total relief because everything was a battle by the end — trying to get what was in our brains out into words.”

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